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Honest Job Posting #199

Position Title: Development Associate

Date: August 17, 2017

RBI-45 Communications is seeking a well-organized, detail-oriented and self-motivated individual to assist in fundraising efforts to match donor grants with private sector charitable-giving associations. We already have someone in mind.



Incumbent will be responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive development strategy for all partner donor associations in conjunction with annual development goals. Incumbent will assist the executive director in coordinating a comprehensive strategy to spread democracy all over the world.  Incumbent will not participate in “weekends.” Incumbent will always be upbeat.



Minimum: MBA/MD/PhD required. At least 50 years of fundraising experience. Ability to work in fast paced dynamic environment with little or no sleep. Ability to exist without oxygen is a plus.

Successful applicant will be fluent in Pashtun.

Send cover letter and resume to:

Human Resources

RBI45 Communications

880 You Don’t Stand a Chance in Hell Blvd

Washington, DC



No phone calls or emails please. Resume should have been submitted a really long time ago. Thank you for your interest.

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