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books by carl mccoy


Island of Imagination Cover.jpg
Island of Imagination

A lush and beautiful story about the quest for happiness. Mindfulness and new thought principles merge with the hero's journey in a vivid and magical tale that takes place in the dark night of the Amazon Rainforest. Pedro leaves his peaceful island to enter into the jungle of the self - to transmute his dark shadow and awaken great powers of creativity and inner peace. This book challenges the reader to push their own comfort level about how much happiness they believe they’re entitled to achieve, while deconstructing the harmful cultural messages that hold us back from assuming our higher power. Enter into a mystical jungle of unicorns, spirit guides, and bohemian pirates as you flow with the ancestral currents of waterfalls and celestial tides. Imagine effortless creation and unbounded happiness; imagine rich friendships and lovely romance - succulent passion flowers and beachside restaurants overflowing with joyful conversation and breezy drops of ocean spray. Imagine a place where your fondest dreams are possible - the Island of Imagination.

Copyright © 2020 Carl McCoy

Job Hunter Road

Comic relief and inspiration on the road to success. Laugh out loud satire and soulful advice come together in one of the most original, funniest genre-blending self-development books you’ll ever read. With sharp and irreverent humor, Job Hunter Road provides timely comic relief to job seekers while tackling some serious questions about finding work today: "Why don't more people love their jobs?" "Why do we make it so hard to change careers?" "Why do we require unnecessary and expensive degrees for everything?" "What does it take to be an entrepreneur?" "Does networking have to be so ugly and opportunistic?" "What stops us from reaching our career potential?" Journey down an unpredictably quirky highway of laughter as you encounter opera loving cats, crocodile hunting terriers, and levitating job seekers on the road to self-empowerment.

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