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The Subliminal Cover Letter

...For when your regular cover letter just isn't getting you noticed 

Samuel H

                     200 East ChicarellI

                                                                                                    Portland, OR

                                                                                                        Apt 22 E



   (123) 555-0110 - cell phonE


Chase, Lanigan, and Fitzgerald     

12000 East 1058th Street, Suite 3200   

New York, NY 10001


Dear Sir or Madam:

I AM writing regarding THE job posting for the MANhattan office regional sales position with YOUr firm.  I WANT to MEntion that I have had ten years of work experience with the BETTER Business Bureau. I’ve worked with FASTER wholesale distributors on the West Coast, when I sold COOLERs for the high paced Overseas Refrigerator Export Market.  In my previous position, I proposed a STRONGER marketing approach to increase sales in the TOUGHER overseas markets.  I’ve enclosed my resume, and I LOOK forward to hearing from you. GOOD day.




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